13 comments on “Philosophical Memes Instead of Radical Memes that Make Your Face Red

  1. Well done, my friend. A collection both beautiful in its spirit of humanity, and excellent in its perspicacity regarding the current reality in which we exist. Gonna steal it all, by sending ffolkes over to see it as part of a rant… you’ll see the pingback in a day or so…

    I’ll be in touch, and, around… Again, very well done…


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  2. The one about loneliness speaks deeply to me. I feel as if I have no one, on a very personal level, I can share my thoughts with and ask questions of. And in this sense, I feel very alone!

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    • Perhaps Jung had it wrong. Loneliness is a state of mind, and all states of mind are democratic, not totalitarian. Perhaps it’s one’s unwillingness to communicate in ways that others can understand, and one’s unwillingness to accept that others have other points of view equally valid by virtue that they are “theirs'” and not “mine.” I can choose to listen to other viewpoints rather than make myself believe that my “things” are more important. In school they teach us to amalgamate, to believe all that they teach as one truth, no deviation or no pass mark. If we fail to separate the requirements from our own differing views we will indeed become lonely, and often embittered. But we can “do the work” without believing in it; interact normally without accepting the promoted values – as a means to an end and thereby making and keeping friends. In today’s “Western” world (the only one I actually know) people like to inflate their “differences” usually in negative ways, hence all those pretend psychological uneases called diseases defined by gaggles of acronyms, such as PTSD, OCD, and whatever. O woe is me! I’m this, I’ve got that, and I struggle so hard to live with it! I’m sad, I’m lonely, I’m sick, I’m abused, I’m battered, I’m afraid, I’m broke…” I sense lack of self-respect, of self-discipline, of self-reliance, in short, a total lack of self-empowerment in that; and sadly that often turns to reliance on shrinks and drugs (or worse: politicians and lawyers!)
      Yes, some of “us” don’t fit in well with the majority. But that’s cause for rejoicing, surely, not moaning about? Of course there is a simple and thoroughly effective cure for loneliness, and that’s to engage one’s own world with deliberate compassion; to look for ways to serve and keep one’s hands always open to offer help. Interaction on that level is wonderful, and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, nor castigate their beliefs. Some even learn from it, but that is irrelevant. I’ve always enjoyed being different, having different values, calling a spade a spade when involved in rattling the System’s cage. After receiving my first death threat some decades ago I realized I’d never be lonely. To paraphrase Lee Child, having a sniper about makes you aware that someone cares about you.

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      • Well said, and excellent points.

        I just want to clarify, I am not turning away from the relationships I have, because my friends don’t always understand me, or I them.

        I am saying that I miss a deeper connection, which I have had at points in my life, but now seem to be hard to find, in my old age. But as you point out, that doesn’t mean life is over and “woe is me.”

        I hear you, and I think you have it right! And I’m going to consider what you took the time to write here!

        Thank you for sharing this!

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      • I can come across as acerbic in making a point without writing a novella. But you did get my point, which is good. I am now flirting with my 7th decade and I have forced myself to learn things that I felt needed learning, since the values or lack thereof offered me by the System became such failures early on. By choosing detachment and compassion I found myself quite fulfilled – alone, yes, but never any loneliness. Here’s hoping something like that can work for you.

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