2 comments on “Top Psychiatrist: ‘Mental Illness is Demonic Possession’

  1. I don’t know about demonic possession, but I’d guess demonic abuse and mind control by “satanic” individuals or groups is probable. But either way, my faith in “experts” and “authorities” is in a very low place at this time. I’d be just as inclined, maybe more so, to believe that 90% of psychiatrists are sociopaths and 99% of professors are sell-outs.


  2. I agree with Speculator! But if they want to practice their exorcisms… go to Washington; go to the Pentagon; to to Wall Street. I’ve encountered “exorcists” of the Christian variety over the years, and as you’ve noticed in this piece, the only mentioned individual is a woman. Most Christian exorcists would even tell you that most demon possessed individuals are women. That tells me everything I need to about that ramble back down the slippery slopes of the dark ages. Maybe we should start burning witches again – well why not, it’s great entertainment.


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