8 comments on “China using fentanyl for slow-kill “chemical warfare” against the United States, experts warn

  1. Only 47,000 per year? And how many innocents world-wide are Americans killing by proxy in the same amount of time with the difference that ingesting deadly substances is a choice whereas having a drone drop a payload on your school isn’t, nor is dying of starvation due to sanctions. 47 millions would be a better figure if we wanted a balanced picture. Plus, blaming China is just another “false flag” of finger pointing. If China was deliberately and seriously doing this, the results would be much more drastic.

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      • Playstation game Populous. Telling us Truth hiding in plain sight. The Construct is devised to test for authentic, living souls amidst the cut-out backgrounds, and allow for an escape back to “Eden”. Memory Wiping between incarnations ended in 2013 by the way according to Thomas Williams
        Randy Maugans
        July 19 ·

        Not only have humans been trapped in an endless loop of birth->death->memory wipe->rebirth for eons, but our world, called Gaia/Earth/Terra goes through resets that terminate the programs of civilization at key points.
        The game theory relies on us being pixels on the screen of an overlayed simulation. The Construct is devised to test for authentic, living souls amidst the cut-out backgrounds, and allow for an escape back to “Eden”.
        This is a game of Consciousness and Divine Will. It is the Matrix. Your heart is the Navigator, your Soul is the engine. The exit point is when you choose to no longer play by the rules of First Person Shooters, NPCs, and “Real Time Players”. Exits are to the rear of the game. This is the Eden Loop. This is The #organicreset.


    • ” fantal413
      1 week ago (edited)

      As always a GREAT video. Jon on the south shore of long island (long beach etc) there are a tremendous amount of tunnels for Giants that are accessible for people that have a clearance 😉 . You wouldn’t believe it. Also they connected Brooklyn and Manhattan to roosevelt island. It’s in plain sight. The Brooklyn bridge goes down 11 stories. Trust me. I’ve seen it. You wouldn’t believe what the statue of liberty island is connected to underground. That bridge isn’t what the public thinks. The bridge towers are h uuuhhhh hundreds of years old. There are “secure” areas below the towers of the bridge. I’ve seen it. ”

      New York City Leftover


    • Adam spiritualwarrior

      Convergence, because ”science” , ”physics”, ”religion”, ”spirituality”, ”metaphysics”, and the ”paranormal”, are all one and the same and ONE UNIFIED PHYSICS BUT THIS HAS BEEN SPLIT AND COMPARTMENTALISED AND LOADS OF LIES AND DECEPTIONS AND RED HERRINGS AND HALF TRUTHS HAVE BEEN PUT ON HUMANITY. Hopefully in the 2020 Satya Yuga new era now, HUGE SHIFT, all of this will converge because its all one and the same. Theres only one true physics. Only one and somewhere, there must be some FREE SOCIETY SOMEWHERE THAT LIVES AND ENJOYS THIS.


  2. Even for people who aren’t Oasis fans. Liam Gallagher at his best here and subtly yet powerfully using his voice and talent and the band very good at this point 2003 I think


  3. Adam Spirituawarrior
    Its a concept im still struggling to understand , get my head around, deeply understand. Though on some subconscious level, it resonates and the thought repeats to me. That Time here in this place isn’t linear, but instead in a spiral, vortex. A few observations, realisations since 2013 since I began the awakening journey, ive realised this, things in life are like a spiral and things that make no sense at the time, seem to get connected to other points all in a vertical connecting thread but in a spiral. If im on the right track here, my feeling instinct. This ties in with what Thomas Williams has said on a few shows ive listened to, about time loops, games by the cabal, 4 year loops, putting out news stories from a few years ago to create some kind of repeating loop. Which is all mindblowing. And returns to the top of this comment my point, Time here seems to operate, in conjunction with our sentient consciousness. In a spiral loop.

    I also note what TW has said recently how the vortex, is getting tighter and how the vortex event horizon is coming closer. I for one, can feel it. I know its been talked about for years now, a huge build up. But I can really feel it. I don’t know what it is how to identify it but I ffeel the converging energy of it all. I just hope hope want us all to be alright, make it throoughh, what fels like the coming eye of a needle. Eye of a needle by the way, and realising a coming convergence point of Energy and convergence where TRUTH would happen, truths. In my first week in may 2013 when I was newly awakened. Convergence , convergence point, that’s the realisation I got in may 2013 when I realised all the lies September 11th and free energy cover up and existence of an ”afterlife” being just 3. Oraclereport.com Laura Walker is very much on the ball too and is coinciding with things TW is saying, ive been reading laura Walker since 2014, Molly at Starship Earth made me aware of her.



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